About Us

The company was founded with an insight and interest for building homes for the requirement of all segments of society. It has reached a long way from a small real estate startup to today’s multiple giant building projects. We work with a simple concept i.e. to develop homes as per the requirements of the customers and according to the current demand and trends.

Today, the company has earned a testimonial of loyalty and customer satisfaction & support of the customers, the reliable stakeholders and an excellent team.

Kant Real Estate is believe in growth. The growth and enhancement of the society in-turn will lead to the goodwill and trust-building for us thus we adhere to our commitment towards building homes that are high on value while us being transparent and maintaining clarity in terms of transactions.

“It is the vision that guides a company and the team on an ongoing journey. “

  • To build homes that are consistent and excellent in terms of quality
  • To develop unique housing projects that provide a conducive environment for families to grow and enhance their lifestyle into
  • To develop land banks in strategic locations that would help future growth


  • To achieve high level of quality in construction and customer’s experience
  • To provide value for money to customers in each project line
  • To give the best of luxurious as well as economical products.